Адвокатът на Цв. Василев: Чистотата на контактите на господин Искров е акцент в клипа

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photo of Адвокатът на Цв. Василев: Чистотата на контактите на господин Искров е акцент в клипа
Не мога да твърдя със сигурност, че има и други клипове като този с Иван Искров поради простата причина, че не разполагам с други записи. Пък и господин Василев каза в своето интервю, че в клипа има доста нелицеприятни неща за известни лица. Това заяви пред Нова телевизия Константин Симеонов, адвокат на Цветан Василев.

„По отношение на чистотата на контактите трябва да питате господин Искров. Защото той е управител на БНБ, а господин Василев е частник – може да се срещне с когото си иска. Проблемът е какво прави шефът на националната банка”, заяви адвокатът.

Бомбастично видео: Цветан Василев и Иван Искров пеят прегърнати!

Любопитно видео излъчиха "Господари на ефира" по Нова телевизия. На видеото управителят на БНБ Иван Искров и бившият председател на Над...

Той посочи, че предоставянето на този клип е най-вече заради това, че медиите са достатъчно свободни да се съобщава информация, която е интересна за обществото. „А що се касае до това дали това е предупреждение за други хора, най-вероятно да. Персонално не мога да ви кажа нищо”.

На въпрос дали е традиция Цветан Василев да си пази подобни записи с други хора, адвокатът отговори: „Познавам Цветан Василев от септември миналата година и не знам какви записи има. Нищо не изключвам, всичко е възможно”.

„Това не е ли рекет – с тези записи да рекетирате едни хора, да не правят или да правят едно или друго”, попита го Виктор Николаев.

„Не, не е рекет. Ние просто напомнихме на господин Искров, че искаше да си ходи”, каза Симеонов.

Цветан Василев обвини БНБ и прокуратурата за умишления фалит на КТБ

Мажоритарният акционер в Корпоративна търговска банка Цветан Василев обвини БНБ и прокуратурата за умишления фалит на банката. В изявле...

На въпрос кога Цветан Василев му се е обадил, за да разпространи клипа, адвокатът му отговори, че това е станало 20 дни преди това.

„Чистотата на контактите на господин Искров е акцент в клипа. Не мога да кажа какъв е поводът за този запис, вероятно наистина е имения ден на съпругата на господин Василев”, коментира Константин Симеонов.



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  • georgi chinkov 4 georgi chinkov преди 3 години Профил на трол?
    This is an attempt to write a contemporary and valid and critical Elements of Theory of Everything for the World in the overlapping domains of Economics , Sociology , Finance , IT , Cryptology , Artificial Intelligence , Data Science with real examples and facts based on my case with E C in 6 parts and data over models 1 Introduction written by _ _ C G _h e _ i o _ n r _ k g _o i _ v Rem виж още ›› ember my words, name and forecasts … I do not do this for money, only for rational expectations and truth in C E E and B a l k a n s and their better endangered future . It looks that people trust me a lot . The models , I apply are innovative and I would like to thank Coursera professors for their courses and contributions in A I , economics , Marketing and Data Science . . . I have now some 7 certificates out of top 2o universities in the world so knowledge matters . Study kids . A Post answer : I studied at C E U in 2004 Economics M A . I have to excuse to the ordinary Hungarians. It happened they to swear us on the street. Since then. the Hungarians has not achieved back their G D P level and they are a clever nation, You know for their foreign currency denominated debt and this is not their mistake. C E E students now work for E C B   E C  W B  U S a and there is adverse selection and behavioral risk in that I think, an typical actor in a good movie says . What could we have done now, if the  machine was made by the cheapest Chinese particles  The paradox is that E C now has some adverse selection and  behavioral risk employees , while the China has grown economically some 1o time for 2o years . For these 2o , 25 years Japan had very low growth , inflation and interest rates and could not achieve growth so far. It went to even Q E for smoothing without much success. You see where E U and U S A are going now. So it is simple knowledge, marketing, trust, that drives world in the long run. The Data are trusted , not  Manuel. It is insane to go for war, when U S A EU  Japan are with high difficult to sustain debt and cannot apply ordinal monetary policy, but risky Q E . China has been economy number 1 a century or so ago and with Russia they have enough knowledge and weapons and war and killing innocent people is unnecessary Well swear and curse or cheat  . but think for competing in markets at some stage  Please have a look at Tele Austria Financial Results from last Q , in view of Money Laundering risk of and then latter the results of their competitors in Bulgaria , Croatia , austria to verify the truth . See their customers , and their movement according to queues we saw in Bulgaria M alls last 4 5 months with a strategy similar to price war by a competitor and consider the critical mass of a network , after which it declines fast . See m t e l google searches against competitors , and similar web Internet visits as you aggregate all sites . Read the following text to see how many times there were warnings last quarter , who may profit or is in a difficult financial situation and who should take the responsibility . Make your own research via survey to verify real market shares . If somebody has asked Commissioner J u n c - k e r for Money Laun dering risks as a proof , as a result of many warnings , made by me in Internet and Facebook , there may be legal consequences for E C, if not , please ask him now for a serious case to be investigated . I know I have enemies in E C with such statements . I also wrote for the risk of buying private bonds , before the monetary policy has been changed . The risk was with Austrian banks bonds , which may become speculative and the cost would have been for the public . Austrian foreign hold financial , government and private bonds are substantial risk for the not very high evaluated western banks if they hold these bonds .
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  • georgi chinkov 3 georgi chinkov преди 3 години Профил на трол?
    2 E C Complaint Open Letter and main concepts for Data and Economics I will ask the EC to monitor as Carefully , as their recent report on the vulnerabilities of the Bulgarian owned Banks in the Bulgarian banking system recently, the 8 bln euro contract for 3 year debt of the Bulgarian Finance Minster ( it is strange to be agreed for several year in advance and there should be some reason for виж още ›› this ) and the Bulgarian foreign reserves hold by EU banks for the currency board. We had last year the case of a major Bulgarian Banker hiding abroad. Major Austrian and Greece Banks assets, and this test should include also their international assets according to assets volume, were verified in the first step of the Stress Test by E C B in 2o13 for one year and the institution risks its reputation if the data prove to be incorrect. as E U banks are involved with these big money , for Bulgaria , and as these money are existence funds for millions Bulgarians, it is strange, the Bulgarian owned banks to be criticized. The facts are correct, but there are also a lot of bad loans in C E E and Balkans, some of which increasing recently. There are 2o14 substantial losses in EBRD, Raiffeisen, ERSTe . . . and for some loans to be bad there are necessary several months so we will see the real effect of Russian currency devaluation in 2o15 beginning, as usually in history, there is a reason and trigger, and nobody is shaking the boat, but there is a storm. See exports, inflation, see industrial production, see sentiments in US , eU, China, Russia ... So these not so big money, I mentioned , for the European Commission, cannot compensate their losses from high interest spread differentials in C E E for several years , wrong industrial organization leading to low growth and innovation. There is no fresh water economics with knowledge human capital, agents appropriating their innovation in private good. The is only salt water economics with high and increasing debts , maybe unsustainable, and quantitative easing in the euro zone. So there will be only social tragedy in Bulgaria, and reputation consequences for the European Commission and European Banks with high leverage and low capitalization now. I understand that deposits are leaving the banks , downgraded , on or under speculative rating , as the interest is not enough to cover the risk of nonguaranteed deposits, but the classical role of the Central Bank is to be more knowledgeable than the citizens , and with monetary policy to correct their risk taking behavior by determining low or high interest rate. Well citizens pay for this interest rate, but we do not like GDP volatility and instability. as the crisis so far was for several years, and many people lost their human capital due to low employment in a complicated , requiring computer skills economy , the utilization of production capacity looks to be high enough the EU economy to be close to its steady state. So increasing public debt close to 1oo% of GDP , and the quantitative easing for answering to the economic shock of breaking relations with Russia and China will decrease future growth prospects in EU in any union future configuration, let alone the EU bank losses to be compensated with high budget deficits in C E E and Bal kans. There should be some historical responsibility, the world will not end tomorrow, it may not even end in 1oo years if we stop global warming, and it is supposed to end in some 3 billion years according to science. The last time when money mass increased a lot in the eurozone to accept C E E countries, there were substantial investments that, in combination with high interest rate latter, lead to slow capital formation and lack of innovation, and low growth in C E E and EU for years. Well, as Greenspan said with high leverage the asset bubbles lead to financial crisis due to animal spirit. The correct approach for a connected economy seems to be, according to ensemble models in artificial Intelligence to have workers with human capital and opened to information to vote for the correct decisions. Then with some economics we need competition and workers motivation somehow, still market seems to be the best solution so far. europe is like the communist block before its break up, with Command economy, price rigidities and low human capital and motivation. Not occasionally, Intelligence is so popular topic and fas cism means organization as Germans say. It is completely your fault that you have forgotten your values for knowledge, employment, for innovation, for market economy . . . It was cool and and tricky, but it seems empirics rejects bluffing in Game Theory ( content is king ) and the important values are fundamentals, data, science as collected true knowledge. Budget deficit and quantitative easing or cheating seems to be the wrong way and lets see if Russia GDP per capita in ppp ( l 25ooo USD ) will not cross european some ( 35ooo USD ) and declining fast in recent years.
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  • georgi chinkov 2 georgi chinkov преди 3 години Профил на трол?
    Dear Readers and Journalists, I will ask one more time the president of the european Commission, E C not to make attempts to violate my property and human rights and that there will be consequences of these activities. It is clear that such an institution has the power and tools though their Intelligence and Companies or another form of documents abuse to cheat against me or my relatives and the виж още ›› se crimes are very serious, and may be well concealed. Will anybody believe that I, as your opponent, by chance has been punished. Well is it occasional that a person is involved in scandals with espionage and companies taxes? So people opinion is that you\'ve crossed the line, see Lampedusa case or Charlie Hebdo opinions in FB or Internet (big data shows something today and we the public have also some information and rights, democracy... ) everybody is aware now of the facts I\'ve revealed since 2oo9 when I worked for the Bulgarian National Bank, that the researchers I mention in this text took on purpose wrong decision, mentioned that they are ruled by Austrian registered Banks and that there was recently a case of a big B G Bank for which the taxpayers paid. How to trust these people from now onwards? There is surveillance of my Internet activity ( M a C In routers, broken encryption, Sno wden ). BNB case is the reason for attempts for inventing crimes and cheating me. The EU companies business in C E E are not prosperous due to interest rate differentials and not good enough understanding of products and customers, see market capitalizations. I do not want to work for companies as Tele Austria, because I am qualified with Data Science with Distinction from Washington with certificate, analytics from Johns Hopkings, summer schools from Madrid, Brussels … some 7 certificates, in top 2o universities. It is not appropriate that a manager of another EU company to visit my house to say that “they will have cartels as long as the Bulgarian country is weak” or that “the manager of M t e l has invested so much in me that I should stay there...” or that “there is a way my vision to improve, if I agree to stay in M t e l company” for some 7ooeUR wage after I have invested 25o ooo USD equivalent of education. or my M t e l manager to push me to work with the company Data Warehouse or to be responsible for the customer service mill budget, while I was there a statistician. Please investigate my case as you search in Internet, F B for posts. Post name without “_” I claim that EU companies such as CCHBC or Tele austria are very restricted in their knowledge, further ( I had to work 3 year overtime for Tele austria for a C e U S o r o s scholarship, and then M t e l tried to cheat me with some 5o ooo B G N for some more free years for their billing mistake of some 2o o ooo customers complaints compensation with equal percent ) and show complete miss understanding of data science and analytics to try to involve me with them. They have substantial debs for companies and probably employees and quickly declining incomes and equities. C C H B C manager and others worked for U N D P , Council of europe, or EU programs. This is not a coincidence. See also the market evaluation of Raiffeisen or erste or Bank of austria or Greece Banks. Now consider the impact of the austria Gross external Debt some 5 9 4 bn eUR ( eCB ) on EU economy in view of top 2o banks capitalization of some 1 3 7 9 US billion according to banks daily website in 2o14. So there is a good reason for senior involvement in the case. Nobody will be happy with 9 1 % government Gov Debt to G D P, quantitative easing, deflation, dangerous leverage and quite substantial exposer to C e e with not motivated employees, with low human capital, low employment and lack o trust to EU institutions. Nobody will believe tomorrow that my human rights or property right are violated by chance or that there is a case of Money Laundering in Tele austria, after all warnings from me and nobody will be aware again as in the espionage or incomes tax scandal in Luxembourg. I understand that the risk is high, in view of the low Banks capitalization and substantial leverage ( animal spirit theory by G reens pan ). So property rights violation or abuse of market companies is not contributing to productivity. Let Bulgarian employees in E C decide if they are going to work there for high wages when there is decline for E U from incomes from Bulgaria from cooper mines, banks, Teles... and only cheap talk ( game theory term ) for EU funds. So do not take the money of some 3 o o K kids on the street and other 2 o o K as the current budget is with the maximum allowed deficit 3 % and the rating is Speculative , plus shocks in Russia and Greece. I will never work for companies that are supported by EU as C C H B C or Tele austria or B u l s a t com. My sms in Tele austria were delayed often to 5 pm, which is a sign for surveillance. Se also which communications of business and government are provided by Tele austria, ping the IP addres
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  • georgi chinkov 1 georgi chinkov преди 3 години Профил на трол?
    3 the case of Austria and Greece and its importance Austria scenario in view of Greece “For those few, who own so much, to so many” I will ask the European Commissioners not to violate my human and property rights for revealing inconvenient information for eU. Well the data looks to be important at this stage. The consequences of attacks against me of my former colleagues of the Bulgarian Nation виж още ›› al Bank B N B Research ( before 2oo9 crisis and their involvement in the crisis ) , the recent case of a closed big commercial bank in Bulgaria and of course the risks of their future activities for the economy is making it very likely that there will be further attempts for inventing crimes for me, or violating seriously my human and property rights or those of my relatives. Some examples are wrong Customs declaration, as an entity within the Bulgarian ministry of Finance with invented bank warranty . . . and other attempts for cheating by Tele austria as surveillance with SMS delays for 5 pm most days or assigning budget responsibility for millions as a Statistician in the Teles ( you may search for my name and case in Internet to see more details ) . Some B N B researchers are involved with eCB and EC or now work there. So the Risk is that the following european Banks have market value which is too low compared with the risks from Greece bailout, Russia currency devaluation, other Balkans economies with high government debts and deficits ( low growth, high interest rate spreads ), Swiss peg cancellation, other EU economies with high debt as Spain or Italy. . . and all this amid world declining commodity prices ( oil, cooper, cotton ) and other deteriorating Leading Indicators ( I prepared a site for this leadingindicators yolasite ) There are also social tensions in EU due to unemployment, wage rigidities, lack of trust according to eurobarometer or even more to other EU data sources as FB pages – see EP vs Wikileaks likes for example. Check Bank nonperforming loans to total gross loan for eU, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Cee from : datamarket . Com / data / set / 147o ( remove spaces ! ) Well, only these big EU banks, have low market value and substantial assets, which is high risk for eU, due to leverage and exposure to Cee and Balkans trough austria and Greece bonds, hold straight or through other banks by these EU banks. So one reason for the ecb policy to buy non guaranteed public bonds at this stage with quantitative easing by ecb is the following analysis? Some austrian bank bonds are investment grade at this stage, and may soon be speculative. Some of the other mentioned banks, also are in review due to some of the biail=out and other factors. Well when a bank changes its rating from baa / bbb to ba / bb to b / b ( i call it “ the lion\'s jump ” ) the cumulative historic default rates ( in percent ) changes from 1o.29 to 29.93 to 53.72 percent according to wikipedia which should be compensated with lower bond price. Is it likely that Tele austira to risk with money laundering although, i\'ve warned many times the president of the european commission for such a risk in written form in=front of all readers and journalists, and these are your kids, who are in danger? If somebody has asked in=front of public last quarter, then this is an evidence for disregard of basic professional commitments of the european commission, and disregard and discrimination of eu kids in case some day money laundering by Tele austira is proved. There are now, two scandals for spying and substantial taxes around former luxem bourg pm. Well there is also risk for eu banks on the other side when one compares austria and greece external debts to there banks capitalization and further their assets. / the gross domestic product ( gdp ) in the euro area was worth 12749.93 billion us dollars in 2o13. TRaDINGeCoNoMICS.CoM / Bank / FT Market Cap ( as of 1 Feb 2o15 ) / assets according to banksdaily.com/topbanks/europe/marketcap2o14.html Credit agricole Sa / 27.22 bn eUR / Total assets: eUR 1,7o6 billion ( as of December 31, 2o13 ) Credit Suisse Group aG / 31.26 bn CHF / Total assets: CHF 872.6 billion ( as of December 31, 2o13 ) Deutsche Bank aG / 35.59 bn eUR / Total assets : eUR 1,718 billion ( as of December 31, 2o14 ) ING Groep / 42.9o bn eUR / Total assets : eUR 1,o81 billion ( as of December 31, 2o13 ) Societe Generale / 28.85 bn eUR / Total assets : eUR 1,235 billion ( as of December 31, 2o13 ) UniCredit Spa / 3o.69 bn eUR / Total assets : eUR 889.6 billion (as of J u ne 3o, 2o13 )
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